Beginner’s Guide To Write An About Page In 2021

 Do you battle with composing an About page that adequately verbalizes what you and your business address? Is it true that you are trapped, totally uncertain of what to compose? 

In this post, we share a couple of tips you can use to compose the most astounding About page you’ll at any point expound on yourself or your image. It’s perhaps the main pages you’ll make for your site, so it’s certainly worth the additional exertion. 

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Bit by bit interaction to composing an about page for your blog 

This is a genuinely long post, so we’ve assembled an infographic form that is a smidgen more edible. Appreciate! 

Step by step instructions to Write An About Page – Infographic 

Note: You’re very free to share this infographic. Make certain to incorporate a credit connect to this post on the off chance that you republish it on your own blog. 

How can an about page help your blog? 

In case you’re battling with your About page, you essentially may not realize what to compose outside of “I blog about this since I have x involvement with that.” If this is the situation, you’re turning out badly. In any case, in the event that you require a moment to realize why this kind of page is significant, you’ll have the option to move toward it from a totally alternate point of view. 

The principal advantage is expanded traffic and better SEO. Clients and easygoing web clients the same are attracted to this page. Like your Features and Services pages, they need to understand what you’re about and what you have to bring to the table. Over the long run, this page will become among the most visited pages on your site even a very long time after you’ve made it. 

Indeed, even Google knows the significance of this page. In the event that you look for a brand’s name, you’ll notice their About page is refered to as a high level page on their site in the output scrap. 

Here’s Blogging Wizard for instance: 

contributing to a blog wizard google bit 

A decent segment of your guests will run over this page, so it gives an exceptional chance to you to associate with your crowd and get them to make a particular move. The rest of this article will be committed to both of these issue. 

Tip #1: Identify your crowd 

We’ve effectively settled your About page similar to a significant hotspot for a source of inspiration on your site. On the off chance that you do your best, you can persuade new guests to buy in to your email list, buy items or even follow you via web-based media stages. 

Doing this is straightforward insofar as you dodge the mix-up of doing how most brands manage their About pages: compose exhausting, wordy depictions zeroed in exclusively on themselves. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t discuss yourself by any stretch of the imagination? Positively not. You should in any case present yourself and your story as you typically would when you present your image. It simply implies that while your About page is, all things considered, about you, you shouldn’t really be its sole focal point. 

Distinguish your intended interest group and decide the main issue you need to address for them. As you compose your page, consider it more as far as how you can assist your crowd with accomplishing their objectives and less about what you do. 

Tip #2: Utilize narrating 

Along these lines, you know the essentials of what you should add to your About page. Presently, how about we go over how you ought to compose it. By using the craft of narrating, you can associate with your crowd and get to the core of precisely the thing they’re battling with in your specialty. This implies being transparent about your experience level, your achievements, and above all, your disappointments. 

Suppose you have a blog about skating for instance. Some time ago you didn’t have the foggiest idea how to step on a skateboard or even select quality parts. You may know the fanciest stunts in presence and skate the greatest, most scaring slopes out there, yet your perusers aren’t at that level. 

Offer clasps and pics of yourself landing a great many stunts to get them snared, yet on the off chance that you truly need to pull them in, you must identify with them balanced. As you compose your page, don’t be reluctant to clarify that you were so threatened to step on a load up interestingly or what amount of time it required for you to land your first stunt. 

These are the sorts of realities that transform fans into faithful clients. They likewise help you substance out your About page all in all so it’s not simply a rundown of each achievement and administration you offer. 

Take craftsman and workmanship blogger Trisha Adams’ About page as a genuine model: 

trisha adams about page 

It’s short, however she actually figures out how to relate to her peruser by sharing that she hadn’t figured out how to paint until she was 44. By sharing this current, she’s utilizing unobtrusive narrating to tell you that you don’t should be a youngster wonder or be joined up with a workmanship school to figure out how to paint. As her next sentence suggests, you simply need a fresh start and sheer will. 

Tip #3: Use an infectious trademark as your feature 

Similarly as you utilize a smart feature to catch your peruser’s eye on each blog entry you make, utilize an infectious motto that precisely addresses your image at the highest point of your About page. 

As a side note, this isn’t your page title in WordPress (or your decision of substance the board framework) nor the title you appoint to the page’s H1 tag. It’s simply an expression highlighted noticeably before your image’s portrayal starts. 

What this trademark says is completely up to you, yet it should accommodate your image. It very well may be a moniker everybody calls you, a snappy and clever portrayal of what your identity is, a statement, or anything you feel would grab your peruser’s eye. 

Here are two speedy models from two food bloggers: 

stricken kitchen about page 

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen’s trademark might be difficult to miss as she utilizes section text rather than a header, yet it’s still very snappy: “Dauntless cooking from a small kitchen in NYC.” It gives a little knowledge into her cooking style, where she deals with her plans and where she’s situated on the planet. 

Indeed, even the heading she utilizes before her own snippet about herself a little ways down the page is snappy yet useful: “The Writer, Cook, Photographer and Occasional Dishwasher.” 

foodiecrush about page 

Heidi from FoodieCrush’s About page trademark is significantly more basic, however it’s a fabulous illustration of how appealing a straightforward motto (“Hi! I’m Heidi, and welcome to FoodieCrush”) can be the point at which it’s alloted to a heading. 

Tip #4: Use brand-suitable pictures 

Regardless of how you approach your utilization of pictures in blog entries, you need to move toward them cautiously with regards to your About page. That implies that while great stock pictures from destinations like Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash are fine for blog entries, they’re not suitable for a page intended to characterize your image. 

All things considered, use pictures made for your image, not ones that identify with it. In the event that you need to utilize genuine pictures, use pictures of yourself, your workspace and even things in your day to day existence. This is the thing that Francesca of Fall for DIY has accomplished for the pictures on her About page. 

succumb to Do-It-Yourself about page 

You could likewise utilize animation and other drawn pictures in the event that you have the creative capacity or costs to enlist a visual originator. It can even be just about as straightforward as your logo or an old gathering photograph you have on your telephone in case you’re on a strict spending plan right now. 

Whatever in the event that you choose to go with, it ought to be remarkably yours, to such an extent that it’d be inconceivable for anybody to repeat. There are likely at any rate twelve different sites who have utilized that image of a workspace you have your eye on at Pixabay. 

Tip #5: Use the correct tasteful for your image 

Squarespace and page manufacturer modules for WordPress permit you to make excellent and genuinely novel pages with zero coding information. Lamentably, this doesn’t mean you should allow the innovative energies to stream and assemble whatever kind of plan you need to make. 

The stylish, from the page format down to the shading plan you use, should coordinate the general plan of your site. That implies that if none of your different pages have a sidebar, your About page shouldn’t have one by the same token. 

Essentially, if your site utilizes a white foundation on the entirety of your different pages, your About page shouldn’t be put in pastel pink. Utilize a fullwidth format in Elementor (or whichever page developer you’re utilizing), and make areas with shaded foundations all things considered. 

The typography you use on this page should coordinate the textual styles you use across your site and indeed, which ought to be close to two. This gives assortment in a manner that urges your guests to glance in a specific area without overpowering them with an excessive number of textual style styles to examine. 

Actually, your About page needn’t bother with a style excessively divergent from your blog entries. A couple of passages, pictures and headings to check various areas will do the trick. You can utilize styled segments to a great extent if necessary, however it’s ideal to keep things straightforward and in uniform with the remainder of your site. 

You can see this in our own About page here at Blogging Wizard: 

publishing content to a blog wizard about page 

Its tasteful matches our landing page, and the style is in uniform with our blog entries. 

Tip #6: Use a solitary source of inspiration 

At last, we should discuss how to close your page. You ought to advance one of three things in a solitary source of inspiration: your email list, an item (not your whole store) or a web-based media stage you’re dynamic on. On the off chance that you utilize coasting social offer catches, pick your email rundown or item all things being equal. 

The motivation behind why we say “single” source of inspiration is basic. It’s the place where moderation sparkles. By restricting your peruser’s alternatives, you can guide them to a particular activity you’d like them to take without stressing over them getting diverted. 

You can truly augment your changes by using different tips on this rundown to upgrade your source of inspiration, for example, by utilizing the narrating procedure to develop to it. 

Last contemplations 


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