Apple is the world biggest organization and richest too.  The iPad Pro is one of its demanding product. The apple has taken its new magic keyword for its iPad pro. The keyword is too good and unique. The keyboard is expensive too. The build material of the keyboard is impressive. There are numbers of improvement in the keyword. The keyword is recently lunch in Nepal by its authorized distributor. In this article, we will discuss the Apple magic keyboard for iPad price in Nepal, its features availability.


The building material of Apple magic keyboard is impressive. The design improvement of the Keyboard is too user friendly. The keyboard is for 16 inches iPad pro so the size of them are identical. As we all know the apple product is are with premium looks. The keyword is called magic because the iPad seems to float in the air after we use it. It can totally replace your laptop. The charging port available in keyboard makes charging similar as laptops the keyboard have double hinge systems.

APPLE Magic Keyboard for iPad  price in Nepal


  • It gives the fell of MacBook or laptop and its built material is too good and it give you the premium looks
  • The folding is quite impressive and double hinge system is too responsible for its splendid movement.
  • improvement of its charging pots and its other aspect are user friendly.


  • The floating screen causes the display of lower end to come just above the keyboards and it may cause accidental touch in the display which may distract us.
  • The weight distribution of iPad is not keyboard favorable some time it may causes accidental fall while operating on lap
  • The price of keyboard is quite high investing RS for just keyboard is quite high.

APPLE Magic Keyboard for iPad price in Nepal.

The price of apple magic keyboard is predicted to be around 40,000 in Nepal.

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